2018 State JCL Results

  The CCA JCL team had a great trip to the FJCL State Convention this past weekend. This year our students did very well in the creative categories. Anne Mason Roberts won third place in the state for her female costume. Harrison Bridges and Bella Anzalone came in seventh place for their couples costume (our […]

2018 Leon County Regional FJCL Forum

Christ Classical Academy students had a marvelous showing at the Leon County Regional FJCL Forum. CCA finished third place overall in its division, with its highest sweepstakes score ever. The Level 2 and Advanced Certamen teams both came in 4th place overall, and the Greek Agon team came in second place. Students also performed very […]

Surf and Seek

Summer break is, for obvious reasons, a highly recommend time for doing some college searching and scholarship researching. Students, possibly parents, will have some days, nights, and evenings free to surf the internet, and possibly travel to some campuses of interest. There is lots of good information out there, most of which is now just […]

The Kingdom of Rhetoric and the Rhetoric of the Kingdom:

The Kingdom of Rhetoric and the Rhetoric of the Kingdom:  what Classical Christian Rhetoric Teachers can learn from Augustine’s First Encounter with Ambrose Classical Christian rhetoric teachers are not too wise to mine the classical Christian rhetoricians for wisdom nor too foolish to follow their examples.  Two great teachers from whom one can learn much […]

The Long Haul: When Classical Education is No Longer Cute

  My sons, James and Danny, both attend Christ Classical Academy (in PreK 4 and CCA Care, respectively). They are surrounded by children who don’t teach them swear words. My five year old can identify some of Mozart’s symphonies and talk about Jackson Pollock paintings at the dinner table. They chant and wear matching t-shirts. […]

Drama Performance

Join us for this year’s Middle School/High School drama performance!  

2017 FJCL State Forum

Christ’s Classical Academy’s  JCL team had a wonderful showing at the 2017 FJCL state forum this weekend (April 6-8). The State registrar told a parent that she loves our students from CCA, who certainly represented the school well in many ways, including tests. In the novice division, Anne Osterhaus came in 4th place in the […]

Sometimes God rewards us for our labors years after the sweat has dried.

My son James entered CCA in 8th grade taking Latin 1, after taking Latin in our little classical co-op started by Jimmie Hill, which was the precursor to CCA. In high school, he had two more years of Latin, followed by Greek, another dead language no one uses. All those declensions of nouns, and verb […]

Leon County Writing Contest Winners


Misplaced Joy

I’m going to get real with you about my biggest struggle as a Christian parent. I’m sitting in a parking lot looking at an empty playground. I can remember my kids swinging, sliding down the wet slides, and asking for sips of diluted apple juice. Their sweet little faces smiling up at me, while chewing […]

The Glory of God in Role Playing

The world is owls and wolves- remorseless beaks and sharp claws in search of a meal.  All around the elements rage in the chaos of massive floods, blistering summers and unforgiving winters.  But even in all this, the world yields up miracles and tender mercies:  grape clusters the size of mountains, ears of corn larger […]

This is the Year

As I was considering topics to write about this week, I thought it might be a good time to write directly to the parents regarding their college preparation for their kids. There will be plenty to say about what-all kids should and should not do as they approach their application seasons, but this blog will […]

Getting the Classical Education You Never Had

Our children are developing in a world that moves at a staggering pace. They, just like every new generation, will face temptations, distractions, and pressure that we never had to face. I survived my teen years without counting how many people liked my status on Facebook or arguments over texting at the dinner table. The […]

Perfect Mom Syndrome (PMS)

It was the first day of first grade for our baby girl.  She had come to her “forever home” just the year before from China.  She attended a small kindergarten and was learning English rapidly so we decided she would attend the public elementary school.  I took both our son and daughter that first exciting […]

True Beauty

When I was first asked to write a post on classical education I accepted the task with tremendous enthusiasm.  Having discovered Christian Classical Education just a few years ago I was gushing with excitement and eager to share this wonderful discovery.  The task of writing about and explaining the merits of Christian Classical Education, however,  […]

Boy Meets World

When our family began its adventures in classical education five years ago, I will admit I was cautiously optimistic. The hype sounded good, and as a former education major married to a public school teacher, I knew the academic pitfalls of the modern education movement.  As a Christian, I knew the moral challenges my child […]

Wonder & Hope

We believe that God’s character is revealed not only in His Word but also in every facet of the creation. Therefore, we teach that all knowledge is interrelated and instructs us about God Himself.”    This truth, and the wonder and hope it produces in the classically trained student, is the foundation and posture with […]

The Blessings of Boundaries

  The other day I noticed a penny on my bumper. It had been there for several days. I had been back and forth to CCA, maneuvered  over speed bumps, took sharp turns, and even slammed on the breaks a few times and this penny seemed to be glued to my bumper. Isabel and I […]

The Glory of God in Diagramming Sentences

    “An integrated curriculum is described as one that connects different areas of study by cutting across subject-matter lines and emphasizing unifying concepts”   There is no sentence, no complete thought or idea without a subject and predicate; there is only a fragment or a shard of an idea.  Diagramming sentences helps us to […]

The Game of Tests

When I introduce study tips to my university students, I tell them that as students they have two jobs. The first job is to grow in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. I say that with my snooty, tweedy, university professor voice with my nose in the air, mostly to add a little levity to the discussion. […]

Reclaiming Leisure: Understanding as a Gift of Grace

April before last, some months after moving into our home, I took a day to repaint the swine-colored walls of my sons’ bedroom. The only way for me to finish painting a room without collapsing from boredom is to listen to podcasts. This particular day one of the podcasts I chose was a Circe Institute […]

To Be-lieve or not to Be-lieve, that is the Question…

You have been to a wonderful Candlelight Christmas Eve service at church and all the way home the kids are discussing what presents they are hoping for tomorrow. (Truth be told more like comparing the value of each hopeful gift, making sure no one is getting short changed) You are home, and everyone is finally […]


During Advent Christians are called to a time of reflection and penitence in preparation and expectation of the arrival of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the greatest gift that mankind has ever been given.  However, doesn’t it seem that at this time of year the demands and distractions that pull us away from our […]

The Classically Trained College Student

  When David and James were finishing 2nd and 4th grade, Dorothy Sayers’ little essay, “The Lost Tools of Learning,” was put before Dave and me. In this inspiring treatise, Sayers, a pioneer in the return to classical education, observed, “although we often succeed in teaching our pupils ‘subjects,’ we fail lamentably, on the whole, […]

The Feast

Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” GIGO – Garbage in, garbage out. This was my mother’s concise way of reminding my sister and […]