Re-enrollment Process


Re-Enrollment Procedures for Current Students & Families



Dear Parents,

We are entering the re-enrollment period for your child/children at Christ Classical Academy. At this time, you may also submit an application for any siblings that do not currently attend the Academy. You, as a current covenant member, have a reserved spot until February 16th, 2018. We will open enrollment to the public at that time. Please take a few moments to review the procedure before you begin filling out the forms.

  1. Submit a completed Re-Enrollment Contract
  2. Submit a $200 per student enrollment fee
  3. Submit a $35 per student PTO Fee (payable to the PTO)
  4. Ensure you are financially in good standing with the school (up to date on tuition payments)
  5. Submit any scholarship information with your enrollment paperwork

There will be additional forms to fill out at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year (Consent and Release, Parent Pick Up, Medical Form, Honor Code). We will send them home the first week of school next year.

Families with students entering Kindergarten and Seventh Grade will have additional health forms to submit before school begins in the fall. We will send that information home in May.

Please call the front office at 850-656-2373 if you have any additional questions about this process.

In His Name,

Christ Classical Academy Administration