The Long Haul: When Classical Education is No Longer Cute

  My sons, James and Danny, both attend Christ Classical Academy (in PreK 4 and CCA Care, respectively). They are surrounded by children who don’t teach them swear words. My five year old can identify some of Mozart’s symphonies and talk about Jackson Pollock paintings at the dinner table. They chant and wear matching t-shirts. […]

Getting the Classical Education You Never Had

Our children are developing in a world that moves at a staggering pace. They, just like every new generation, will face temptations, distractions, and pressure that we never had to face. I survived my teen years without counting how many people liked my status on Facebook or arguments over texting at the dinner table. The […]

Reclaiming Leisure: Understanding as a Gift of Grace

April before last, some months after moving into our home, I took a day to repaint the swine-colored walls of my sons’ bedroom. The only way for me to finish painting a room without collapsing from boredom is to listen to podcasts. This particular day one of the podcasts I chose was a Circe Institute […]

Reading Books

I have a confession to make: until recently I hated reading to my children. I couldn’t understand it. I read voraciously. I love books, and our home is filled with them. Book on bookshelves, books in corners, books in baskets, books on tables, books on other books. I love my boys and value any quality […]