Surf and Seek

Summer break is, for obvious reasons, a highly recommend time for doing some college searching and scholarship researching. Students, possibly parents, will have some days, nights, and evenings free to surf the internet, and possibly travel to some campuses of interest. There is lots of good information out there, most of which is now just […]

The Kingdom of Rhetoric and the Rhetoric of the Kingdom:

The Kingdom of Rhetoric and the Rhetoric of the Kingdom:  what Classical Christian Rhetoric Teachers can learn from Augustine’s First Encounter with Ambrose Classical Christian rhetoric teachers are not too wise to mine the classical Christian rhetoricians for wisdom nor too foolish to follow their examples.  Two great teachers from whom one can learn much […]

The Long Haul: When Classical Education is No Longer Cute

  My sons, James and Danny, both attend Christ Classical Academy (in PreK 4 and CCA Care, respectively). They are surrounded by children who don’t teach them swear words. My five year old can identify some of Mozart’s symphonies and talk about Jackson Pollock paintings at the dinner table. They chant and wear matching t-shirts. […]

Sometimes God rewards us for our labors years after the sweat has dried.

My son James entered CCA in 8th grade taking Latin 1, after taking Latin in our little classical co-op started by Jimmie Hill, which was the precursor to CCA. In high school, he had two more years of Latin, followed by Greek, another dead language no one uses. All those declensions of nouns, and verb […]