Dress Code


The wearing of uniforms at Christ Classical Academy accomplishes a number of valuable objectives:

  • Uniforms instill a sense of belonging and loyalty to the school community
  • Behavior and productivity are generally improved when students wear uniforms
  • Wearing a uniform helps de-emphasize fashion and socioeconomic consciousness
  • Uniforms cost less than buying the typical student wardrobe
  • Uniforms help reduce family conflicts over what to buy and what to wear
  • Students are easily identifiable on field trips and persons not in uniform are easily noticed on our campus thereby enhancing safety
  • Uniforms help create a positive impression of our students and our school within our community

***Repeated violations of the uniform policy are subject to a small financial penalty.***

***Click on Land’s End Link above to go directly to the CCA uniform ordering page***

Official 2017-2018 School Year Dress Code:


For new families, here is a How to Order Guide from Lands’ End for ordering uniforms.