Lice Policy

Christ Classical Academy’s Lice and Nit Policy

Please read the Lice Policy Document in the event your child has lice.  The school’s policy as well as helpful tips to get rid of lice can be found in this document.


There are several ways in which students may be identified as having head lice or nits.

  • A parent may inform the school that lice/nits have been found on the student’s head or on the head of a sibling.
  • A teacher or staff member may notice the student scratching the head or neck repeatedly.
  • A student may notice the intense itch that often, but not always, accompanies head lice.
  • A student may notice movement in another students’ hair or become aware of nits.


Students who have been properly treated may return to their classroom as soon as the following day. Our intent is to disrupt the educational process as little as possible. If the child has a sibling , that child is brought to the office and checked as well



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