Magnus Lector Reading Program

One of the distinctives of the Academy is that we believe that the development of reading skills, the enjoyment of good books and of quality writing are the first steps to fostering a love of learning. Magnus Lector means “Good Reader” in Latin.  During each quarter of the school year as well as the summer, each student is required to read (at least) one book from the reading list linked below, or any award winning book. Students may choose any book at or above their grade level.

Magnus Lector Approved Book List (K-6)

Instructions for Magnus Lector presentation for K-5th grade:

Students may choose books on their rising grade level list or the one above. Once the school year begins, they will be required to complete one book report per quarter. In a given semester, those who choose to do more may reach the level of Summus Lector or “High Reader” and be rewarded with a Pizza Party. For the truly avid reader, we have the level of Extremus Lector or “Ultimate Reader,” all of which will be treated to lunch off campus. Further details about this program are available in the Magnus Lector Handbook.