Parent Testimonials

The Carrasquilla Family: Victor, Hope, Aidan (8th), Tristan (7th), and Quinn (5th)


What a wonderful place CCA is! This school has nourished both our children’s lives and our own. Because of CCA, our children’s knowledge of history, science, literature, and math has increased exponentially. However, even more than that, this has been a place where their souls have been well-tended. They have learned so much about God and what he desires their character to be like. It is a school where they can be their whole selves rather than having to compartmentalize their minds from their bodies and souls. There is truly no other school like it.


The Moore Family: Carl Jr., Melodee, Tiffannee (10th), Carl Anthony (9th), Sidnee (7th), Cassidee (3rd), and Case Emory (Kindergarten)

WMooresNewChat attracted us to CCA the most was the classical method, particularly the Trivium organization of the the curriculum. History (not “social studies”) is taught chronologically and cyclically, with a liner approach that provides my children with an intellectual framework for learning. We appreciate that a classical education is a 12-year plan that equips our kids with knowledge, increases their understanding of the world God created, and teaches them to apply and communicate with wisdom and clarity. We are both professional engineers, and we value how CCA has provided our children with solid, traditional math, logic, and science instruction in addition to their vast exposure to the liberal arts.    


The Wellman Family: Andrew, Susan, Claire (6th), Megan (4th), Wyatt (2nd)


CCA has been such a blessing to our family this year. Because my children were coming from home school, I was concerned about their adjustment to a formal school environment.  However, I soon realized that there was no reason for concern.  My children’s smooth and pleasant transition into their new educational experience was accomplished because CCA provides teachers and staff who love our children!  CCA strives to both grow our children’s minds with a wonderful classical education and grow their characters as individuals.  We love the fact that, in all areas of their education, CCA is deepening our children’s knowledge of God’s world and teaching them to apply this knowledge with wisdom and clarity so that they can become ambassadors for Christ in the coming generation.  We are thankful to be able to send our children to such a wonderful place!


  The Zehr Family:  Adam, Ashlee, Ariah (3rd), Aubree (2nd) , Avery, and Alivia


Two years ago my oldest little one was in kindergarten at a private school and about to turn the sweet age of 6, when we began to feel God pulling us to home educate. As we had another little one and a new baby, we were not sure where our journey would take us. We trusted God in His leading and dove into home education. I soon became overwhelmed and wondered why I felt this way. All along we wanted to be very involved in our children’s education – following the Bible and what we thought God had led us to do. Classical Conversations was a great way for us to get out of the home and be with other families. We had very little knowledge of the classical model when we started. As we educated with Classical Conversations, God began to reveal a new avenue for us through Christ Classical Academy. It was a real Godsend for us as we welcomed our 4th baby this school year.  We finally felt we were right in the center of Gods will for our children. We can still stay as involved with our children’s education as we desire.  We thank God for leading us to classical education and to this school.