We are happy to announce that we will be fielding a boys basketball team this year.    Josh LaJeunnesse will be leading our team with Richard Lynes assisting him.  Our team is looking forward to their upcoming season.  Please come and support our team on their second season.

Schedule 2017-2018
11/06 Trinity Catholic @ CCA 430PM
11/07 CCA @ Holy Comforter Episcopal School (HCES) 6PM
11/9 CCA @ HCES JV 5PM
11/10 Governor’s Charter Academy (GCA) @ CCA 430PM – to be rescheduled
11/14 Trinity Catholic (Home Team) @ CCA 430PM
11/28 Brookwood @ CCA 430PM
11/30 Betton Hill @ CCA 430PM
12/07 CCA @ Brookwood JV 430PM
12/08 Community Leadership Academy (CLA) @ CCA 430PM
12/12 Betton Hill (Home Team) @ CCA 430PM
1/9 Community Christian School (CCS) @ CCA 430PM
1/12 CLA (Home Team) @ CCA 430PM
1/23 GCA (Home Team) @ CCA 430PM
1/25 CCA @ CCS 430PM

Not pictured is Student Assitant Aidan Carrasquilla