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Tennis is back at CCA for 2017-2018. Holly Schans returns to lead our team of 6th – 8th graders.  The team practices three times a week until the season starts in February and will have matches against other local schools such as Holy Comforter, Maclay, Trinity Catholic, Florida High and Community Christian School.  We look forward to the thrill of victory and the woos of defeat, but through it all the joys of the game.   Our home matches will be played at Tom Brown Park (TBP).   Aidan Carrasquilla will be a student assistant.

Schedule 2017-2018

2/15 Maclay @ TBP 3:30

2/21 Trinity Catholic (@Winthrop Park) 3:30

2/23 @ Florida High 3:30

2/27 @ Holy Comforter 3:30

3/7 Trinity Catholic @TBP 3:30

3/8 @ Maclay 3:30

3/20 CCS (@Forest Meadows) 3:30

3/27 @ Holy Comforter 3:30

3/28 Trinity Catholic @TBP 3:30

4/12 CCS (@Forest Meadows) 3:30