House Groups

The idea of “Houses” originated in British public schools. It referred, as the name implies, to a group of students who shared a dormitory. However, just as the term “household” is more about a group of people than a piece of real estate, so the idea of a house within a school is more about a group of students than a physical building. “Houses” are inter-school teams that spend weekly devotional time together, work together on service projects and occasionally compete against one another in athletics. Houses provided opportunities for student growth through leadership, mentoring, competition, and social interaction.  They also strengthen camaraderie among students, providing a platform for a more fun and enriching school environment. There are many opportunities for students to build one another up with encouragement. Students learn to support one another and to lend help when someone on their team is struggling, no matter their age or ability level.

At CCA House Groups are multi-grade level groups that meet weekly for a time of devotions, prayer and sometimes friendly competition. This facilitates relationships that extend beyond the classroom and provides opportunities for older students to mentor younger ones as well as form new friendships. Each of the 12 House Group takes a turn developing and presenting a school wide chapel program and an afternoon of games.


House of Bronte

House of Browning

House of Byron

House of Dickinson

House of Donne

House of Doyle

House of Eliot

House of Hughes

House of Shakespeare

House of Tennyson

House of Whitman

House of Yeats


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