Outline of Classical Educational Program

Christ Classical Academy uses the classical approach to learning based upon the three levels of development called the Trivium.

  1. The Grammar School (Kindergarten to fifth) emphasizes basic learning skills.Kindergarten, as a foundation for all the learning to come, has its own unique goals and curriculum.
  2. The Logic School (sixth to eighth) concentrates on formal instruction in logic.
  3. The Rhetoric School (ninth to twelfth) helps students develop a clear understanding of verbal, written, and mechanical aspects of expression used in each subject studied.

The goal is to teach our students how to think as a basis for mastering specific subject areas. Intensive phonics and primary reading sources, including the Bible and classic works, are used for instruction in reading and the language arts. We use an incremental and cumulative approach to mathematics skills. Latin is taught for its direct benefits and as reinforcement for understanding English grammar and vocabulary.