Three Things That I Would Remind the Younger Me

This past Monday we were all scrambling to pull together “fall festival” costumes.  Someone manages to pull down 3 plastic bins from the closet and we all rifle through the odds and ends to find an eye patch, plastic sword, and a ripped cape.  Costumes complete! As I sat on the floor looking at the […]

The Glory of God in a Number Line

“An integrated curriculum is described as one that connects different areas of study by cutting across subject-matter lines and emphasizing unifying concepts”   Recently in math class, we had the opportunity to consider more than counting, subtracting, and fractions. During one lesson, we compared and contrasted the line segment and the line.   Sounds simple enough, […]

It Starts with the Driving Baby

Once upon a time, fifteen years or so ago, there was a little baby girl – my baby. She was soft, cuddly, cute, and completely helpless. We did everything for her. We changed her, dressed her, fed her, carried her around, and we were the go-to people for all things baby. Easy stuff, compared to […]

Boys XC team place 3rd in Tallahassee Middle School Open Championship 10/13/16

We are so proud of our runners!  They finished the season strong by winning  third place in the Tallahassee Middle School Open Championship!  Make sure you come by the office later this week to see our trophy!  It should be delivered by Friday.

Junior Classical League team places 3rd at Maclay Certamen 10/15/16

CCA teams competed well at the Maclay Certamen on 10/15/16 At their first Certamen of the year CCA first year team Sidnee Moore, Isabel Cannella, Julia Lehman, Jonah Bridges, & Tristen Carrasquilla came in third place, beating out the host school (Maclay) and all the public school teams present including Leon, Lincoln, FSCS, Rickards, etc. Our […]

Reading Books

I have a confession to make: until recently I hated reading to my children. I couldn’t understand it. I read voraciously. I love books, and our home is filled with them. Book on bookshelves, books in corners, books in baskets, books on tables, books on other books. I love my boys and value any quality […]

Those Dishes Will Wait

This morning I had the honor of rocking my three month old grandson to sleep.   In that quiet moment I was thinking about all the wonderful changes he has to look forward to, and how blessed I am to live close enough to share some of those moments with him.     Younger parents have asked me […]

Why is Classical Christian Education so Important?

Like many of you, our journey to Christ Classical Academy and classical Christian education was circuitous and fraught with anxieties.  Even before our daughter was born we had grave concerns about the state of public education.  I remember interviewing parents of school aged children and reviewing hundreds of pages of class plans and curriculum.  We […]

Cheerleading Sign-up

CCA is proud to announce we will be having cheerleading again this year and our cheerleader will be helping cheer on our basketball team during their games against others schools!!!! Please complete the sign-up  form if your child is interested.  For more information please contact Cheerleading Coach Ashley Gholston (  Practices will be held on Thursdays […]

Dine Through Time

Parents please sign up to volunteer for our “Dine Through Time” event.  This event will be a journey through time with our students portraying our history timeline through songs and performances.  Help support this fundraising event and our school by signing up to help. Dine Through Time Volunteers

House Shirt Order form

Please click on the link below to download the House shirt order form. House Shirt Order Form 16-17  

Volunteer Opportunities (Morning, Lunch or Drop off)

This is a great way to fulfill your volunteer hours.  If you are able to sign up to volunteer for morning,  lunch or drop off at the lower school campus, please use this link: Save Save Save Save Save Save